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Living Simply or Simply Living

Jan 09 2010

One thing I’ve got to think over  a lot lately is the similarities and contrast between living simply and simply living.

To be clear, lets start with a basic definition but recognize that these concepts are not easy to pin down.

Living …

Why your new years resolution will fail

Dec 29 2009

I don’t want to sound too negative, but let me tell you why your new years resolution will fail. Simply because you don’t really want to change! Let me explain.

Should I Give to People in Corrupt Countries?

Apr 20 2009

A NY times article gives encouragement to those who doubt the effectiveness of giving by demonstrating one great example of what can happen when things go right.

Use Negative Feedback to turn Critics into Supporters

Mar 14 2008

I used to think I handled negative feedback pretty well. And I use the term negative feedback pretty loosely. Most of my experience receiving negative feedback has demonstrated that it is really poorly delivered, both in timing and content, which probably makes it closer to criticism or even an insult than to negative feedback. I think this little process is a great way to take advantage of negative feedback, no matter how delivered, and turn it into an actionable task that builds your rapport.

Should I buy a Mutual Fund or an ETF?

Feb 08 2008

Many people ask me when they should by mutual funds vs ETF’s and I haven’t yet seen a good answer to this question so I’ll try to write one here.

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