Lose weight: brush your teeth

One of my favorite habits that I’m currently working on is brushing my teeth right after supper. It’s a simple way to put an end to the high calorie snacking I tend to do after dinner. The sweet taste of the toothpaste seems to reduce my cravings, while my natural human laziness prevents me from snacking on anything that would require brushing my teeth again.

As a Dad I have also found this is a great time to hang out with the kids. I get an opportunity to model brushing my teeth, instead of just telling them to. This has made tooth brushing go a lot smoother and turned a chore to more of a fun family time.

The final bonus is that there’s one less thing to do when I decide to head to bed. I can get from computer to sleep in record time!

Let me know if this works for you, or doesn’t.

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