Make lunch; eat supper

Make lunch; eat supper

I just started doing this one at the end of last year and it has quickly become one of my favorite tricks.

After supper is made and before it is served, I dish out one (or more) lunch sized servings into my lunch containers. Then we eat dinner. This way, before supper is even started my lunch is made for the next day.

I personally like this because it:

  1. saves me a few minutes in the morning since I don’t have to prepare a lunch.
  2. ensures there is enough food for my lunch, since I take it out first.
  3. reduces the amount of food I eat at dinner.
  4. gets two jobs done at once (lunch and dinner made).

The challenge is making healthy enough meals that I don’t feel bad eating the same thing for two meals in a week. I do try to have a couple days of buffer so that what I have for dinner one night doesn’t end up in my lunch for a couple of days, just for the variety.

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  1. Comment by Mike King

    Hey “enrock”. Just found your blog through plaxo tonight, didn’t know you had started one. We’ll have to share some more tips with using wordpress and getting the word out there so the posts feel useful. That’s what I’ve been working well, and its going pretty good.

    Definitely like some of your posts and great idea for a blog.

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