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About Me, Brad Davis

It’s not easy to describe in a short paragraph who I am. First I am a follower of Jesus and I believe you’ll see that reflected in all I say. I’m not going to push it on you, but what I believe changes who I am. It is through my volunteering in the Christian community that I have had the most opportunity to develop my leadership skills, but I have a long way to go.

Second, I am a father. To me this means guiding my kids to become the most they can be. Although I question sometimes how much influence one has over their children at other times I can see clearly the positive effects we have had. If you could meet my kids you’d have no doubt that they are not going to be content to follow the status quo. This role also includes developing the relationship with my wife, Nicole, and I am proud to say I love her more today then when we were at the alter and our relationship is still growing.

Finally I am an RF Designer by day, for SignalCraft Technologies Inc. Here I design wireless circuits primarily for the cellular, GPS, and wireless LAN industries. I like the influence I can have at a small company improving the way we do things, the satisfaction from seeing a difficult design work, and the challenge of the technical work.

As you’ll quickly pick up on this site, my hobbies revolve around improving the way things are done. Some call this personal productivity but I think its more than an individual effort. Significant change requires individual excellence, but also group participation. This is why many of my life tips include others as we work together to more effectively accomplish our own and our combined goals. Finances is one area of particular interest, partly because it affects so much of life and partly because I can apply my technical background so easily in this area. I realize that my focus on finances may give you the impression this is a significant area in my life and I wrestle with this. One of my goals around finances is to reduce the required amount of work to a minimum because I see it as one means of helping me accomplish the other things in life that are much more important.

I hope you can find something useful here. Please send me any feedback you have, positive or negative, and I’ll respond.

Now get back to work!

Brad Davis

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