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Alarm Free Update

Feb 01 2008

So I’ve now been getting up at 5:30 every day, weekends included, for four weeks. And I love it!

Now there have been some setbacks. I still rely on the trusty alarm clock 30-40% of the time so I cannot claim …

International Asset Allocation

Jan 28 2008

One of the primary reasons for this blog is to provide a public place for me to track my financial performance. In the last couple of years I have been converted to a passively managed asset allocation strategy, for a …

The Givers Dilema Update

Jan 26 2008

This is just a quick update to the givers dilema post that includes a Powerpoint and PDF version for your use.

The Givers Dilema (PPT)
The Givers Dilema (PDF)

Cut the Whole Loaf

Jan 24 2008

Sometimes the best productivity tips come from the most unusual places…

We buy unsliced bread. And I can’t believe how many years we would go to the freezer, un-thaw the loaf in the microwave, slice …

The givers dilema

Jan 19 2008

If you’ve ever discussed the idea of giving to the poor with someone you will inevitably run into the excuse that you shouldn’t give because the recipient will probably just use it for drugs or cigarettes. Before I completely …

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